We deal with sport, seen from the side of the numbers.
We look at current sport by imagining the sport of the future.
We help companies, institutions and researchers who are involved in the field of sports analytics, working with them and for them, studying their data and creating models.

What we do.

We are able to generate knowledge from large amounts of data through algorithms and models specifically designed based on specific needs in every field of sports, from the analysis of athletic performance and its economic and financial consequences.
In addition, our research fields include complex analytical models, decision-making and predictive models, computer vision, wearable and on-site sensing, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience. With an eye toward the not-so-near future of quantum computing.

"Luck is not involved.
Our strategy in Australia was based on statistical data and the calculation of the probabilities.
And it turned out to be right."
Sebastian Vettel, 2018

Performance analytics
Finance analytics
Fan Engagement
Digital NFT Metaverse

Quant4Sport is a major player in the BigData analytics landscape for the sports world. The "Global Sports Analytics Market Report 2022 to 2029" lists Quant4Sport as one of the key players along with IBM, SAS, Catapult, Stats Perform and other major players. Bloomberg reports Quant4Sport within the MarketsandMarketsTM report that analyzes the sports analytics market that will take on the value of $8.4 billion by 2026.

We believe that...
... there is a virtuous circle between performance and sponsorship.

Quant4Sport employs a very extensive network that can step in studying the best way to generate the data if this is not directly available. It is a network that includes industrial and research realities of the highest order and global players with a strong international presence.
Our basic approach is to think of an interconnected system between athletic and economic realities, where athletic performance generates value and investments help them to increase their own athletic career.

MyAgonism – Deltatre – rugby vision – Magneti Marelli Laptime – Minardi Management – eurosportech – Mental Football – Bid Company – Trim - F1 Predictor – Football Intelligence – IQUII Sport – Venturi FormulaE Team – Mercurius Betting Intelligence – Cruyff Institute – BioMoove – Sport Innovation Hub – Astar Sport Intelligence – Kama Sport – SportReTiNA – 3x1010 – ToSwim – OneSporter

Harvard Sport Analytics Laboratory – Harvard Sport Business Association – Sport Industry Conference – KDD Lab – HSAC Harvard Sport Analysis Collective – BDSports Università di Brescia – Università Cattolica per lo sport – Università degli Studi di Torino dipartimento di Management – Università degli Studi di Torino dipartimento di Economia e Statistica Cognetti de Martiis – DISES Università di Salerno – HST Università di Torino – PAsTISs Politecnico di Torino

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